Helping clear the air about Rick Santorum and Opus Dei

Currently Rick Santorum, US presidential hopeful in the race for the GOP nomination, seems to be having much more attention paid to his religious views than to his political views. Some are presenting him as a dangerous regressive who wants to abolish the whole principle of the separation of Church and State in the US constitution. Whether he is or is not is a debatable subject in its own right.

A side-show of that debate, however, is the question of the candidate’s relationship with the Catholic organisation, Opus Dei. That issue was usefulelly explored on US radio station NPR this week. Here are two clips from that broadcast which throw some clearer light on that topic than you are likely to find in the New York Times, the Washington Post – and certainly clearer than you will find in the general blogosphere. The first is Opus Dei member, John Coverdale, putting the record straight. The second is John Allen, author of a book on Opus Dei and religious affairs journalist, giving an outsiders common sense overview of the issue.