This doesn’t look very even-handed…

Is this Irish Times balanced editing? The reporting is straightforward enough. PRO-CHOICE (200) – those nice positive people – get pride of place in the headline over ANTI-ABORTIONISTS (5000) – those negative “anti” types? It all looks like more public opinion programming by yours truly. Pro-choice is not enough. We are all pro-choice. Come out and tell us what your choices and what their consequences are.

3 thoughts on “This doesn’t look very even-handed…

  1. At least they reported the 5000 vs 200.

    I have been on marches which the press quietly ignored (as I thought they had this one)

    Published opinion, yet again.

  2. Killian

    Couldn’t help but note the pro-life lady Jacqueline being labelled spiritual, isolating them from those that view the issue as simply humanist, yet the profanities being chanted by the pro-choice group weren’t even suggested.

  3. Alan Robinson

    Glad to see that the good work of the pro-life groups especially the wonderful Youth Defence had a reasonable mention,without the usual media snarl. It is good to see that young people – much maligned – are up to doing something really positive.

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