Regrettably, the end of the line

Perhaps a day will come when this decision can be reversed. Today, with a heavy heart, I sent this to the subscriptions department of The Irish Times.

Regrettably, because of what seems to me to be an inbuilt editorial bias towards the so-called pro-choice side in the ongoing debate on abortion I wish to cancel my subscription for morning delivery of the Irish Times. I say “so-called” because we are all, hopefully, pro-choice. What we should be judged on is the justice of the choices we make. 

I have no wish to provide funding for what appears to be an extension of a campaign to introduce abortion legislation to Ireland.  I am not referring to the free expression of opinion on the issue, either by columnists or leader writers  My concern is about a bias I find in the treatment of news stories.
One small example is the burying of Patsy McGarry’s minimal news coverage of the Irish Bishops’  pastoral initiative at the bottom right hand corner of page 6 yesterday (cf some observations on this in a post on 
Another example would be your sub-editorial treatment – the report itself was fair enough – of the medical conference on maternal health a few weeks ago. This spoke volumes to me about your lack of openness to any positive pro-life stories in the news. Had that conference produced a story which would have served the cause of introducing abortion legislation here I have very little doubt but that it would have got a much more explicit headline and an much better space than the far-left column of a right hand page. I cannot judge about what is happening on the letters page but I have anecdotal evidence that many people on the pro-life side do send letters which never see the light of day.
My observation to you would be that while your by-lined reporters try to be reasonably objective, your anonymous sub-editors are playing a different game.
Yours sincerely

Michael Kirke.

One thought on “Regrettably, the end of the line

  1. Sean O Raghallaigh

    Maith th, a Mhchl! I have just forwarded your letter to the editor and have asked him Is this true? Please see the highlighted section in blue below. It doesnt really matter that what i have written wont be printed. The important thing is that someone will read it. That someone may be getting all this on the double, poor man / woman! But you never know, it may make him / her think.

    Lean ort leis an scrbhneoireacht!



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