An unashamedly partisan post

This is going to be a defining year for Ireland. Let us ensure that the definition of Ireland remains honourable and true.

Many people are already aware of the event which is taking place in Dublin on Saturday, January 19 – the Vigil for Life in Merrion Square, Dublin. However, we can take no chances and must do everything in our power to get as many people as possible to take part in this demonstration which must show that the majority of people in Ireland are determined that this country will not provide services enabling the intentional and deliberate destruction of children in their mothers’ wombs.

That this will never happen depends on a concerted effort across a number of critical battle fronts – one of which has been engaged in over the past few days in Dail Eireann where experts and advocacy groups have been battling it out for the life or death of multitudes of the unborn. Although the pro-life champions did very well, that battle could only ever be inconclusive. But wars are seldom won in single battles – and this is a war which will continue through a series of battles over the coming year. What is important is that every foot-soldier with a weapon to use – the ear of a TD, access to a talk show, a voice to offer next week in Dublin which will send a clear message to politicians that we do not want ANY unborn child’s life to be deliberately taken on any pretext – will engage in this combat of peace and good will.


Join with thousands of others at the UNITE FOR LIFE vigil at 4.30 pm on January 19th, at Merrion Square in Dublin.

We all agree that pregnant women should receive all treatments necessary to safeguard their lives. However, those pushing for abortion are dishonestly blurring the distinction between necessary medical treatments and abortion.

Ireland, without abortion, is a world leader in safety for pregnant mothers. Yet, right now, we are closer to abortion here than ever before.

It is a defining moment for our country. Will YOU stand united to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves? Can we count on you being there on the day? Your presence is vital. The situation could not be more grave.

Transport to the vigil is being organised locally. For further information, please visit our ‘Vigil for Life’ facebook page and or telephone us at the numbers below. Posters will be provided on the day.

For more details please contact

Denise on 087 9709998

or Katie on  087 7020255

Please invite your friends also.

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