And for the latest sleight of hand…

The Irish Times reports today that a “pro-choice Abortion Rights Campaign” has launched  “10 days of abortion rights action”  in an effort to get legislation introduced by the Irish parliament before the summer.

Read that another way and please tell me if it is not an accurate re-phrasing: “10 days campaign for the right to terminate the life of a child in its mother’s womb”. Can that really be a right – just because you call it by another name?

At a press conference in Dublin yesterday, the spokeswoman for this campagn, Sinéad Redmond, said there were 142 days until the Oireachtas (the Irish legislature) summer recess. “That’s 142 days when women’s lives in this country are at danger.”

As part of the campaign, 30,000 postcards reading “Greetings from Ireland, failing to take action on abortion since 1992. Legislate for X” will be sent to TDs and Senators.

 The group urged the Government to ensure that suicide be included in any legislation as a grounds for abortion, saying its exclusion would be “highly discriminatory”.

A request to Ms. Redmond: Please give us the comparative statistics for women (per 100,000 pregnancies) who have died in Ireland – either by suicide as a result of pregnancy or in giving birth to their child – and women who have died  having “legitimate” abortions in other jurisdictions where “legal” abortion services are provided.

There is plenty of information out there on this topic. The TDs and senators who are going to be bombarded by Ms. Redmond and her friends should be provided with some information rather than slogans and sound bytes. Try this source to start with. This was reported in the British Medical Journal on the basis of Finnish studies. The graph speaks for itself.


The pro-abortion activists are clutching at straws on this. Why do they not state the simple truth which is that they want abortion on demand and argue the case on whatever legitimate grounds they can find for this? Meaningless slogans implying some kind of victimhood just makes no sense at all. 

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