Spelling it out just like it is?

Gerald Warner’s very comprehensive review of our current and ongoing “real and present danger”.

The scale of this genocide challenges the imagination. Worldwide, abortion is now the leading cause of death, killing as many people as all other causes combined; one in five pregnancies ends in abortion. In the United States 55 million Americans have been aborted; in Britain the total is 7.9 million – the legacy of David Steel, a politician who undoubtedly “made a difference”. UK abortions are currently running at about 200,000 a year, of which 12,000 are Scots. Yet it is still not enough for Planned Parenthood, the Obama White House and all the other acolytes of the culture of death. Later this month a huge pro-abortion conference ­titled ‘Women Deliver’ will be held in ­Kuala Lumpur with the objective of promoting abortion around the world, especially in Christian and Muslim countries where infanticide still encounters resistance.

Read his full Scotsman column here.

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