Science off the rails

Harald Eia – bewildering stuff

If you did nothing else today but take the 30+ minutes you will need to watch this video your day will be well-spent. It gives a light-hearted but also a chilling example of how intelligent people allow ideology to corrupt both science and our political life and culture. In it we see a bewildered handful of serious scientists trying to come to terms with another group blinded by the politically correct ideology which is currently the driving force behind social policy in the West.

One thought on “Science off the rails

  1. lamehousewife

    It was a good thing you implied that I should watch to the end. I was a little concerned there in the beginning. I noticed that the Norwegian scientists hold a belief that children are a blank slate when born so would believe in the nurture-only theory while the other scientists have melded both nurture and nature as the reason girls have different interests than boys. It also depends on what equality means to a person. If equality means doing the exact same thing, then the term will definitely lead people astray. Thanks for sharing.
    By the way, could you direct me to a good book on Irish history and literature? I just learned that Irish medieval literature goes even further back in time than English literature. There are many things I do not know but would like to know about the Irish–my grandpa was half Irish.
    Have a beautiful day or evening!

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