The fifth horseman of the apocalypse

Mark Ruffalo

If these ‘Top Stories’ on don’t tell us that our civilization is deep in the mire of the culture of death, what do they tell us? It is hard not to think that we are in the age of an apocalypse. The barefaced aggressiveness of the advocates of this slaughter is increasing by the hour. What is it going to take to bring mankind to its senses?

Top Stories
• Actor Mark Ruffalo Proud of His Mother for Aborting His Sibling
• Neighbor Tells Mom: Kill Your Autistic Teen Because He’s Annoying Me
• Police: Letter Asking Mom to Kill Her Autistic Son Not a Hate Crime
• $1 Million in Obamacare Funding to Planned Parenthood Just the Beginning.

But, thankfully there are other voices. Today’s Irish Independent reports one of them: Daniel Day Lewis speaking movingly about his latest project. No, not a film project this time.

Day Lewis (56), who won his third Oscar for historical drama ‘Lincoln’, told the Irish Independent: “There are many ways of measuring the evolution of a society but one of them is the way we treat the most vulnerable in a community.

“Newborns, children, the sick, the disabled, the dying…  if we do not make them a priority we have not right to respect ourselves as a society.

“As much as it is personal for us to have these facilities in Wicklow it is also important for us to be doing things of value in this country when we are so often led to believe that the doldrum will finish us all off.”

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