Campaigning journalism has corrupted our media

BRENDAN O’NEILL writes in the current post fro,
This week there was international outrage over the questioning of a Guardian journalist’s partner by anti-terrorism police at Heathrow. But there was no outrage, zilch, over the revelation on Thursday that a Sun journalist who was arrested in a dawn raid and subsequently spent 13 months on bail on suspicion of handling a stolen mobile phone had in fact never set eyes on the phone. Nine hours’ questioning of a friend of the Guardian provokes a storm; the placing of scores of tabloid journalists on year-long bail, often on very flimsy charges, causes no storm. Double standards have never been as explicit as this, and it’s press freedom that suffers – for that requires moral consistency, a willingness to defend redtop as well as respectable hacks from the long nose of the state.

Has international media ever been as blind as this? Add the persecution of Christians in Egypt to this, not to mention the shameless non-coverage of the Gosnel trial, the gay agenda support without even a shadow of serious analysis, and you can only conclude that journalism has surrendered itself to blind campaigning at the expense of telling the simple truth.

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