Peruke & Periwig – Dublin’s newest bar

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Peruke & Periwig portraits Peruke & Periwig bookshelves Peruke & Periwig mantlepiece Peruke & Periwig restaurant Peruke & Periwig downstairs Peruke & Periwig bar counter Peruke & Periwig barman Peruke & Periwig cocktail

We’d like to think we’re still down with the kids, have our fingers on the pulse, are fashion forward, so when we learned that Dublin’s newest, hippest venue has been open a good 6 weeks already we were a little chagrined!

Peruke and Periwig, named apparently for the wig shop that first occupied the premises (31 Dawson Street) back in Victorian times, lives up to the hype.

Set over 3 floors including a bar, restaurant and cocktail lounge, it feels like it has always been there. It has an old-world feel without descending into tweeness and it’s cosy without feeling cluttered.

The cocktail menu is extensive and varied. The manager used to run the Exchequer and the influence shows.

We tried their take on a mojito, followed by some type of margarita and after that it all got a bit hazy. They offer a range of bar snacks and a…

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