Thinking about…cats and dogs

Rushes of blood to the head can be dangerous – for all sorts of reasons. The biggest risk to life and limb that one of them ever put me in was on that day when I was driving along a country road listening to the radio. There was a discussion about the joys and otherwise, mainly otherwise, of motherhood. Two feminists were waxing eloquently on the subject.

The presenter must have raised the issue of the joy which the companionship of children gives when one of the two sneered and said something along the lines of “If it is companionship you want, get yourself a dog.” The shock and the horror of it sent my blood surging into my head to the extent that I almost lost control of the car.

I was reminded of this by the conjunction of two things this morning. The first was seeing a quotation from G.K. Chesterton in which he observed: “Where there is animal worship there is human sacrifice.”

The second was a tweet from @savethetinyhumans which reminded us all that “Our politicians won’t take abortion seriously until we take abortion seriously. 55 milion dead isn’t enough, yet?.”

Human sacrifices? Yes. Absolutely. They may not be ritual sacrifices – because modern man is not so much into ritual or religious practice, pseudo or otherwise, but they are still sacrifices. They are sacrificial offerings to the comfort zones modern man wants to occupy at all costs. The abortion industry is driven by a middle class which aborts its own children to preserve that comfort zone. It then organises the abortion factories of the world for their poorer neighbours because their fertility is also a threat to the comfort and prosperity which the middle class think is its right.

I would not want to offend the dog-lovers and the cat-lovers of this world but surely we need to put these creatures in perspective. I think that there is something terribly incongruous about a society which organises the destruction of millions or “tiny humans” and at the same time threatens a man with a year in jail for cooking and eating cats. He is an odd fish, certainly, but his oddness is much less revolting that that of someone who could be a mother to a child and sacrifices that gift for the love of a dog.

When our civilization reaches that point it is surely at a stage of disintegration. We are now in a place where the truth about an individual human life is no longer recognised for what it is – the single most inestimable, lovable and precious thing in this universe. The only thing that is recognised in our dazed and confused world is the value of the empowered individual’s pleasure, enjoyment, entertainment or comfort. Everything that stands in the way of this is expendable. Fifty-five million tiny and powerless human beings are the deceased witnesses to this catastrophic degeneration.


One thought on “Thinking about…cats and dogs

  1. Beautifully argued and I agree absolutely.

    I fear that the aborting middle classes will get their retribution when the virile and proliferating culture of Islam takes over their societies.

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