Is the pro choice cat finally out of the bag?

At least it is truthful

More evidence is emerging in Ireland that the country’s Family Planning Association (IFPA), an affiliate of International Planned Parenthood, may be acting illegally and is certainly not acting as a body which cares for the health of women as it claims to be.

 The Sunday Times – a British-based paper –  reports this weekend that following on from a Garda (police) investigation a file has been sent to Ireland’s Director of Public Prosecutions on the counselling practices at the IFPA, including giving advice to women on how to illegally import abortion pills.

 The IFPA last week began to feel the backlash from the public following its involvement in a case where a woman’s baby was delivered prematurely following her demand for an abortion. There is widespread suspicion that IFPA manipulated this case so that it could strengthen its campaign for abortion on demand in Ireland. Two large street demonstrations at the weekend condemned the manipulation pointing out that the termination of the pregnancy with the delivery of a child at 24 weeks has now left a baby fighting for its life in a Dublin hospital.

 The latest revelations about the IFPA were described as ‘very disturbing’ by a spokesperson for the Irish Pro Life Campaign today.

 “The type of counselling advice given by the IFPA to women was life-endangering”, said Cora Sherlock, vice-chairperson of the PLC.  “This scandal has been brushed under the carpet for two years by the Department of Health.  It is an outrage that the former Minister for Health James Reilly never made a single statement of concern on the matter in the two-year period since the scandal came to light”

 “The IFPA showed total disregard for women’s health by giving them advice on how to illegally import abortion pills, to self-administer without medical supervision.  There is no excusing this conduct.”

 “Also, to tell women to conceal the fact that they had an abortion from their own doctors and to say they had a miscarriage if complications arose is appalling advice that puts the lives of women in danger.”

 The police investigation followed an undercover investigation of the IPFA by pro life activists.

 Ms. Sherlock added that the women who engaged in the undercover operation deserve great praise for highlighting the disgraceful practices at the Irish Family Planning Association.

 It is not only on the Irish side of the Atlantic that the abortion narrative is beginning to fray at the edges – to put it mildly.

 Susan E. Wills asks provocatively on the Aleteia website, What’s the toughest job in America?

 “Not motherhood”, she assures us. “That’s a breeze compared to the job of rebranding abortion, now that the country has awakened to the humanity of babies in utero and is discovering the terrible, silent grief carried by the many millions of women who once believed the lie that abortion was nothing more than a “choice.”

 This is precisely what has just happened in Ireland. Suddenly what the pro-abortionists were talking about as a fetus has become a patently living baby for all to see. It is a tough one for them to swallow, and in trying to swallow it they are choking on their own lies.

 Wills chronicles the change she has seen in the United States. The harder the pro-abortionists try to make the “choice” word work now, the more callous and ugly they become.

 The “pro-choice” slogan served the abortion industry well for decades, capped off with its adoption by NARAL in 2003, when it became NARAL Pro-Choice America, abandoning a commonality in its three earlier names, all of which included  the “A” word. From that point, many of the NARAL ads and promotional pieces prominently featured American flags and the head of the statue of liberty (which is still in their logo). Really, what could be more American than having a dizzying array of choices? Just check out the cereal aisle.

 The weakness of pro-choice as a brand was, of course, inherent. While “pro-choice” appears to be perfect for our time—tolerant of all views and nonjudgmental (“I’m not in favor of abortion and would never have one personally, but I think every woman should be able to make that choice for herself”)—the problem is that choice implies an object or action to select over other objects or actions. And, unlike the cereal aisle, there are only two possible choices regarding an unwanted pregnancy: the child’s life or death.

 The tide is turning, even in Ireland – where just a year ago it seemed the pro-abortionists had breached the defences of one of the last citadels of the unborn in the West. Prime Minister Enda Kenny’s notorious legislation was perceived the pro “choice” people as a gateway to abortion on demand. “Baby Hope” – as the child, a boy, struggling for survival in that Dublin hospital is now known – will be a symbol in the struggle of the Irish pro life movement to save thousand more babies. Their immediate objective is the repeal of Kenny’s Act and the replacement of his government.


2 thoughts on “Is the pro choice cat finally out of the bag?

  1. paddytm

    If a retired bishop headed the organisation charged with investigating this matter there woukdy, rightly, be uproar. So how come the HSE; headed by Tony O’Brien former head of the Irish Family Planning Association, us heading this inquiry?

  2. paddytm

    The CEO of the HSE is the former head of the Irish Family Planning Association. How come he hasn’t stepped aside in this inquiry?

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