The blood-dimmed tide is loosed

A few hours ago Professor Robert George of Princeton posted this on his Facebook page.

The Descent into Gomorrah. First, please, somebody tell me that the interview in New York Magazine entitled “What It’s Like to Date a Horse” is a fake or some sort of spoof. Second, I will not post it here, because it is too disturbing. I urge friends not to read it unless you have a very, very, very strong stomach. I mention it, reluctantly, only to show that anyone who thought we had already reached the bottom of the slippery slope is mistaken. The descent into Gomorrah continues. I believe it can be reversed, but not simply stopped. “This far and no farther,” is not an option. “He who says A, says B.” Once a set of premises is adopted or endorsed, logic carries one to certain conclusions. One may have a subjective wish (rooted in an aversion, or preference, or lack of interest, or whatever) to where the logic of a position takes one, but a wish (or an aversion, or a preference) is not a principle.

Without a doubt, “The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned”. This comes into view on the day after we hear on Irish television news that “vandals” climbed to the top of Ireland’s highest mountain with a petrol powered con saw and cut down the five metre steel cross which has be there for nearly 50 years. The worst are full of passionate intensity.

Sergeant Dermot O’Connell of Killarney Garda station is appealing for witnesses, in particular “the last person who saw the cross standing” to come forward.

“We are treating this as criminal damage,” Sgt O’Connell said.

We know that this is much deeper than that. This is one more assault by the secular jihad, those to whose hedonism the Cross is the last remaining challenge. This is the secularist beast, slouching towards Bethlehem, already born.

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