Love Changes Things, to the culture of Bruce Jenner

Beautiful Life with Cancer

There was a bracelet, and bumper sticker, and hat, and pencil case design that was quite popular a few years ago and still mingles in Christian bookstores. WWJD?

WWJD? What Would Jesus Do? I am sure it was started with great intention and that IS a great question to consider. HOWEVER, it was used as a pointing finger to say, “tisk tisk, shame on you. That was bad. Jesus would be so ashamed of you.”

But that is no new idea. Christians have been pointing that finger for quite some time. Some of them pointing that finger have a log so big in their eye that I would wonder if they have ever seen the love of Jesus at all and perhaps they are claiming Christianity when they have no concept of grace at all. Others, I truly believe are Christians, but yet again, do not allow the love and…

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