Getting to grips with ISIS network

It looks like a long battle ahead but this suggests that some progress is being made in the war against the terrorists who call themselves the Islamic State. The New York Times and Foreign Policy report today that American forces have captured a trove of data — 4 to 7 terabytes worth — that intimately details the financial and security operations of the would-be State. Discovered during a May 16 raid that killed one of its leaders in eastern Syria, the information culled from the operation has already been used to target other leaders. But, the magazine says, the real boon is the insight gleaned into the minutiae of the group’s operations. “I’ll just say from that raid we’re learning quite a bit that we did not know before,” said a senior State Department official in a telephone briefing last week, according to the New York Times. “Every single day the picture becomes clearer of what this organization is, how sophisticated it is, how global it is and how networked it is.” The data trove revealed how the Islamic State divides its revenues from oil —half is allocated to its general operation fund, while half is reinvested in production — as well detailed security procedures for meeting with the group’s leader and transmitting sensitive communications. The discovery is being touted by American officials as an important glimpse into an organization shrouded in secrecy. On Tuesday, the BBC published footage taken in the Iraqi city of Mosul, showing snippets of everyday life under Islamic State rule. It showed women being forced to cover themselves, discrimination against minorities, and mosques that Islamic State fighters considered sites of apostasy being blown up.

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