What the endgame is

After a video circulated that surreptitiously captured a Planned Parenthood official explaining how the group provides fetal parts to medical researchers, the organization defended the practice, saying it had “patients’ permission”.

Have our political representatives “evolved” so far that they are now happy with this as well? This is truly frightening. When you listen to the conversations on this video you will ask yourself if these people do not represent one of the greatest threats to humanity that the world has seen. It is hard not to think that the chasm between those people on this planet who value human life and those on the other side is greater than any mankind has ever seen. Does it not transport us into the laboratories of Nazi Germany?

When will this lying stop? “Fetal parts”? The Irish Pro Life Campaign calls it right when it reminds us that “If ever there was a story that highlighted the need for the pro-life movement, today’s sickening story about Planned Parenthood is it.”

A senior Director of Planned Parenthood in the US, the biggest abortion provider in the world, has been offering to harvest and sell the body parts of unborn babies. It’s very clear from the recording that the incident is not an isolated one.

“Today’s horrific story”, Ireland’s PLC says, “brings to light the true horror of what ishappening in the abortion industry and is a reminder of why we must do everything in our power to expose what is going on as we seek to engage the culture around us with a truly life-affirming message of respect for the dignity and value of each and every human life.”

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