More writing on the wall?

Plain talking  (below) by an Irish parliamentarian about why Europe is coming off the rails. 

The truth is that it has turned into a bureaucratic juggernaut dazzled by its own ‘wisdom’. It is not only out of touch with the millions it purports to serve but disdains them. When they hear a voice like this I can see them shaking their all-knowing heads in pity. What we have now is a cadre of pseudo-democratic front-men posing as leaders when in fact they are no more than mouthpieces for the Brussels elite. There are no bad intentions on the part of any of them. They are all lost in a system which they created but which has now taken possession of their souls. EU2016 = HAL1000?
Until we get democratic representatives who will again openly and intelligently question and challenge the system which purports to serve us we cannot consider ourselves as living in a democracy. 
Michael Fitzmaurice exemplifies the kind of voice we need to hear more of. 

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