Guilt trip

I read this article, on my iPad, felt quite ashamed and then decided to post it. He concluded:

We’re engaged in a war, and technology wields the heavy weapons. Rod Dreher published a bestseller called The Benedict Option, in which he urged people of faith to retreat behind monastic walls as the Benedictines did—after all, they preserved literacy and culture during one of the darkest eras of human history. I don’t completely agree with Dreher, though I’m convinced that the preservation of reading will require something akin to the Benedict option.

As soon as I post it I’m going to close down my devices and open a book.

One thought on “Guilt trip

  1. MaryElizabeth Kirke

    You would love our children’s reading programme in Fe y Alegría 58 Mary Ward, Jicamarca, Lima, where 12 year olds will have read hundreds of books.

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