Making history and unmaking humanity

A war for the heart and soul of Ireland is currently waging and the battle for the right to life of the unborn is revealing a divide in its people of the most fundamental kind. The very nature of humanity is at issue.

It is amazing that what Maria Steen points out here needed to be said in a public debate. The Marxism implicit in the determinism of those who tell us we are on “the wrong side of history” is frightening.

We are a free people and we make history. History does not make us. History is the record of our greatness and our folly, of our capacity for good and our dreadful capacity for evil. To surrender ourselves and our freedom to ‘History’ as some blind force is to abandon our humanity. To surrender ourselves and our freedom to ‘History’ without questioning the human choices which made it what it is have left us is to is to abdicate moral responsibility. To define our freedom as simply a matter of making choices without asking ourselves about the good or evil character of what we choose is the way to a hell on earth.


2 thoughts on “Making history and unmaking humanity

  1. The myth of progress which underpins the ethical mindset of liberalism cannot abide the notion of moral absolutes. It is all just a matter of culture and when the culture shifts so, too, does morality. Those who hold to absolute values will always be accused of being on the wrong side of history. This was true for Antigone. It was true for Nazi Germany (c.f. Faluda’s Alone in Berlin). It was true of Stalinist Russia. It is now, unfortunately, true of the liberal West. The faultlines are now exposed for all to see. Ireland needs the courage of truth to face this down.

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