Who is faking the news about Sri Lanka?

Examine this map and then read Kathy Sheridan’s appalling piece in The Irish Times online – on second thoughts, don’t bother; just read the headline. Why is the media covering up the roots of this – sorry, these massacres?

When will our mainstream media organizations start telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? There are many ways of faking news and left and pseudo liberal politicians, along with colluding media, have given us a master-class in one of those ways in their cowardly response to the Sri Lankan massacre.

Allison Pearson takes them to pieces in today’s Daily Telegraph (London).

Calling the Sri Lanka bombing victims ‘Easter Worshippers’ shows just how afraid we are to admit that Christians are under attack

This is deeply uncomfortable for the liberal media, which responds with shifty obfuscation. On Monday, The Washington Post ran a bizarre story about the Easter Sunday massacre with the headline, “Sri Lanka church bombings stoke far-Right anger in the West”. 

Read her here.

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