Demonising the masses

Brendan O’Neill, in his newsletter today talks sense, as he usually does.

Meghan Markle’s best friend says the people criticising Meghan over her woke blather and eco-hypocrisy are really just ‘racist bullies’. It’s a view shared by many in the chattering classes. You couldn’t have asked for a better illustration of the elitism of identity politics. Accusations of racism no longer have anything to do with real racism. Rather, the ‘racist’ tag is used by the establishment to write off ordinary people who get ideas above their station, whether by voting for Brexit, questioning mass immigration, or – horror of horrors – criticising a royal. Identity politics is increasingly the means through which the elite demonises the masses and elevates itself as a superior, more enlightened caste of people. And they have the nerve to call us prejudiced.

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