The ship is steady but the storm still rages

The great Romano Guardini wrote, back in 1958:

How little justice was done to the figure of Christ by the historical and psychological method of the liberal school of theologians! The repercussions of this tendency in Catholicism, known as Modernism, have been overcome. We know not only that a watered-down version of Christianity is erroneous, but also that it is not even worth while wasting energy trying to provide it with an intellectual basis. The self-commitment of faith only makes sense when directed towards the one complete, unadulterated revelation with its suprarational appeal. (The Humanity of Christ, Romano Guardini, 1958)

He is right. The ship has been steadied, but the storms of that false rationalism are still threatening. They will continue to do so until the true “figure of Christ” is accepted in that self-commitment of faith of which he speaks.

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