Seduced by progressives

Today on Gript, a new Irish media platform:

The grip of progressivism on the minds and hearts of the majority of the Irish people is now frightening. As a result our State – encouraged, cowed and then applauded by Irish and Western liberal media – has put on our statute books one set of flawed laws after another. More are in preparation. Any opposition, parliamentary or otherwise, is negligible because of the dumbing down of the moral sense of the people – while shameful scandals have been outrageously manipulated to undermine the authority of the only agency in the culture which still proclaims the perennial moral value of the principles which have sustained our civilization for millennia. Those who dare to protest the new status quo of politically correct morality are branded populists – or worse.

It took the Irish of another time over 100 years to break free of the draconian laws which had excluded them from public life by a Protestant Ascendency. At the heart of the act of exclusion was the conviction that because Catholics believed that the Pope was the Vicar of Christ they could not be trusted. The new Progressivist Ascendancy in Ireland today now excludes from healthcare provision anyone who believes that human life begins at conception and that the child awaiting birth in its mother’s womb has as much right to life as any of us.

Read the full column here

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