Uninvited guest, but I entertained it – as briefly as I could

The Irish Times arrived uninvited on my doorstep this morning. This paper presents itself to Ireland as the country’s paper of record – a meaningless designation in this age of information overload, even when a fair attempt is being made to match up to the description. Which is not the case with The Irish Times.

I hope that the paper’s circulation woes are not so dire that its desperate promotion team is going to inflict it presence on me again in the near future. Trying to be fair and open-minded, I read it from cover to cover. That simply confirmed my standing judgement that this is an organ dedicated, not to truth, not to balanced opinions, but to the slow erosion of the Christian ethos which was once a dominant feature of Irish culture.

The was hardly a page which did not carry something which served this purpose. Certainly the was no contribution touching on any aspect of what remains of Ireland’s residual Christian belief and practice which did not either subtly or not so subtly seek to damage it. Even the reasoned appeal of Catholic leaders to permit practising faithful to have access to the channels of grace was challenged.

All right. The periodic test for infection in this organ has been completed again. Result? Positive. It is as toxic as ever.

One thought on “Uninvited guest, but I entertained it – as briefly as I could

  1. I like your take on this Michael.
    It’s a paper of record alright. But it’s own track record is very questionable; there is no audit or scrutiny. Our much loved record collections great and all as they are can only play the same tunes; the tracks and the grooves are fixed. Derek

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