Another rare morsel of common sense

Suzanne Moore talking common sense to a mad and maddening world again: The only wrong way to be a woman these days is to stand up for women’s rights.

The right way to react to this ridiculous mantra is surely to feel murderous. What is this slogan for? Who is it for? These endless attempts at inclusivity mean that being a woman can now even be a feeling in a man’s head. Eddie Izzard, I saw the other day, had been voted the best female comedian. Sorry, but I am not laughing. 

There is no wrong way to be a woman.” Are they serious? Let me list the ways. I and many women live with them every single day.

Read the full column here.

One thought on “Another rare morsel of common sense

  1. Michael,

    I’d love to read this piece but I cannot without subscribing to the Daily Teleghraph which I don’t particularly want to do – even the one month’s free trial necessitates my giving them my credit card details so they can take money out if I forget to cancel!

    Any chance you could send it on? Thanks!


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