Taking Sinn Fein to task on abortion

Donegal South-West’s Sinn Fein TD – where does he stand on the question of the life of children before birth?

Arthur L. Gallagher posted an interesting piece yesterday. In the light of this one wonders how, west of the “border” in predominantly pro-life Donegal, the good people there have returned two Sinn Fein members to the Irish Republic’s parliament in Dublin? They will soon be asked to vote on legislation which, all signals seem to indicate, will put legal abortion on the Republic’s statute books.

Gallagher reported:
29 women from across Northern Ireland have staged a dramatic protest on the steps of the Northern Ireland Assembly today (Monday 11 March 2013) calling on Sinn Fein to protect unborn babies from abortion. The 29 women handed in a letter to Sinn Fein. A spokeswomen for the group said, “We represent women from all the six counties of Northern Ireland. We are here to tell Sinn Fein’s 29 Assembly members that we want unborn babies and their mothers protected. We don’t want the Marie Stope’s private abortion centre in Northern Ireland. We say to Sinn Fein we will never accept abortion – not in our country and NOT IN OUR NAME.” Sinn Fein are opposing an amendment coming before the Assembly that would make it illegal for private abortion centres – such as Marie Stopes International – to operate in Northern Ireland. The amendment to the Criminal Justice Bill is due to be debated and voted on in the Assembly tomorrow. A “Petition of Concern” to block the amendment is circulating at Stormont, which requires 30 Assembly Members signatures. Director of Precious Life, Bernadette Smyth said, “The attempt to block the amendment is an abuse of the democratic process. Sinn Fein are committing political suicide by supporting Marie Stopes – a private institution which exploits vulnerable women by charging them up to £1900 to kill their unborn babies. Sinn Fein’s support for Marie Stopes and abortion is in direct opposition to the views of the vast majority of people in Northern Ireland who say – “abortion – not in our name!” http://www.preciouslife.com/?va=1&vc=1232