Taking Sinn Fein to task on abortion

Donegal South-West’s Sinn Fein TD – where does he stand on the question of the life of children before birth?

Arthur L. Gallagher posted an interesting piece yesterday. In the light of this one wonders how, west of the “border” in predominantly pro-life Donegal, the good people there have returned two Sinn Fein members to the Irish Republic’s parliament in Dublin? They will soon be asked to vote on legislation which, all signals seem to indicate, will put legal abortion on the Republic’s statute books.

Gallagher reported:
29 women from across Northern Ireland have staged a dramatic protest on the steps of the Northern Ireland Assembly today (Monday 11 March 2013) calling on Sinn Fein to protect unborn babies from abortion. The 29 women handed in a letter to Sinn Fein. A spokeswomen for the group said, “We represent women from all the six counties of Northern Ireland. We are here to tell Sinn Fein’s 29 Assembly members that we want unborn babies and their mothers protected. We don’t want the Marie Stope’s private abortion centre in Northern Ireland. We say to Sinn Fein we will never accept abortion – not in our country and NOT IN OUR NAME.” Sinn Fein are opposing an amendment coming before the Assembly that would make it illegal for private abortion centres – such as Marie Stopes International – to operate in Northern Ireland. The amendment to the Criminal Justice Bill is due to be debated and voted on in the Assembly tomorrow. A “Petition of Concern” to block the amendment is circulating at Stormont, which requires 30 Assembly Members signatures. Director of Precious Life, Bernadette Smyth said, “The attempt to block the amendment is an abuse of the democratic process. Sinn Fein are committing political suicide by supporting Marie Stopes – a private institution which exploits vulnerable women by charging them up to £1900 to kill their unborn babies. Sinn Fein’s support for Marie Stopes and abortion is in direct opposition to the views of the vast majority of people in Northern Ireland who say – “abortion – not in our name!” http://www.preciouslife.com/?va=1&vc=1232

2 thoughts on “Taking Sinn Fein to task on abortion

  1. For years now, if one suggested that Sinn Fein was the most conservative of parties, one was mocked and abused. Looking at their ‘coming together’ I have criticised them over and over again as being more in line with British Boot Boys, ‘righter than right’, and on the bases that the RC Church wins all elections in Ireland — except Protestant Northern ones — friends were liable to strke such observations down with ‘West Brit”, “Paisleyite”, etc., etc.. To some of us, it stands to reason that the confluence of “Irish” values (always being Catholic) directs itself in times of crises, whether real, imagined or Chruch created, towards the centre, the obvious centre being Sinn Fein and Fianna Fail. Unknown to themselves SF have been fighting for ‘Catholic Emancipation’ since their inception; even the bravest of hunger strikes was determined by the clerics in their midst, when it would begin and when it would end. It wasn’t Margaret Thatcher or the Brits who directed the engine of SF fire; it was their own ignorance of history, their simplicy and the cunning of their clergy.

    Now, it is time for them to pay up. They have already secured the Education File for their bishops in NI; they even imagine that their enlightend following want to be part of the Southern mess; but now it is time with FF to realise who really rules the Irish roost.

    A blind man can see how the RC Church has divided all parties and plugs onwards to destroy our human rights. At a time when Enda Kenny, the only Irish leaders since Donal O’Neill (of the Irish Remonstrance fame in the fourteenth century) to actually declare for secular rather than papal government, needs support, the RC minions are out splitting the parties to pieces and making the way for a crisis that will — three years down the road — lead to a legion of Mary reunion of Sinn Fein and Fianna Fail — and bobs your Catholic uncle!

    Even Archbishop Martin, who is so interested in this point of contention, pretends that he is otherwise reasonable and would allow abortion — when we all know that like the rest of the clergy, he does not want abortion no matter who is dying, where they die, or when they die. The clergy do not want the Irish people to have a secular life of their own; and that means that they should off their own bat decide to save native womens’ lives unnecessarily taken by the slavish adherence to a mediteranean mythoilogical nonsense. Archbishop Martin is inauthentic in his voice,but fails and refuses to speak honestly about his stance. If he has spoken honestly, then he should be informing Opus Dei and the myriad other speakers he has called out that the Chruch is for abortion under some circumstances…

    Before his latest ruse, the rule the clergy used to confuse everybody was that mother and child were equal in their resepctive rights to life. This conundrum is wonderful if you are an abstract midget or a mathematician talking about the opposides of an Isosoles triangle. It is quite different in actual life. Even the dimmest child in Ireland knows that when he gets up every morning he has a trousers with equal legs on it; but he must choose to act — not think in abstracto! — to put one foot into one leg first and the other into the other leg, otherwise he shall go to school in his altogether.

    Now, the Bishops have confused people with their magic. In truth they have always confused people , especially the Irish , not just with the jesuitical magic but with blatant and explictit deception. One might mention the Donatio Constantini (on foot of which Ireland was given to England) the Donatio Adrian (the instrument of giving Ireland to England and making English Kings Lord of Ireland), the entire tissue of decretals were a forgery, and what in this country we have witnessed since the Free State, Need one mention the sale of infants to the States, the breaking of womens’ pelvises, the mad use of Censorship of every expression in Ireland, the deep resort to using the rod in the schools, the denial of clerical paedophelia, the denial at first of constraceptives, divorce, and of the Jews, while they ratlined under Devalera the Nazis, etc., etc..

    Now the Bishop has the audacity to claim that the decision in the X case by our only secular Supreme Court some 20 years ago ‘is not the Constitution.’ This very menacing phrase is both nonsense and confrontation. Our Supreme Court on this issu is our constitution; but the Bishop denies our institutions in favour of the monolithic power his Roman friends exercises over us.

    It is far too late these days to hope that the Roman clergy would be content with their pulpits. No; they have invaded every aspect of secular life within the state and daily work at subverting it. Let us take heart and go into Our Curches and challenge these infallible childless, familyless, sexless holy Romans. Let us take up their challenge and confront our bishops and the priests wherever we find them or their liege lictors and minions.

    Already we have a Bishop stating even more brutally than Martin that it is wrong to legilsate to take life under any circumstances. Of course no one disagrees with this; it is a matter of Roman semantics. For a start the RC Church in 1237 took a Gaelic Chieftain , Adam Dubh O’Tuathaill out of his Wicklow home and burned him at a stake in Hogges Green just because he exercised his right of free speech, the same this secular state accords too easily to the Roman Bishops. What was O’Toole saying way back in the fourteenth century? He was saying what the Remonstrance of the Gaels were saying to the Pope, that they were being taken over by the Papacy and the Norman French. O’Toole said that he did not believe in the birth of the Blessed Virgin, the resurrection of Jesus, or the validity of the Roman Church. These things are now proved to be false, including the existence of Jesus, by Professor Francesco Carotta (War Jesus Caesar?) and Joseph Atwill (Caesar’s Messiah).

    Thereafter the Chruch got the secular State to slay its enemies whenever and wherever the clergy found them. Having put ups dioceses and parishes and a parish priest everwhere there was a chieftain and his tribe, the Roman Church set about destroying Pagans and Paganism absolutely. The Statutes of Kilkenny 1367 was their handiwork; it allowed them two centuries later to let the Irish blame the English for Norman conquest and the Pagan destruction. It was the Protestant writers who first pointed out that it was the Papacy that systematically destroyed the Irish Celtic Church, in return for the four Palliums that now protect these Archbishops, one of whom, having lived in Rome most of his adult life, has the impertinence to remind us that he is a ‘citizen.’

    In any event the claims that they did not create and support legislation that — far from denying the sacredness of human life — actually brought about the murder and slaughter of people is ridiculous. Indeed, the sustaining of Capital Punishment (first introduced into Ireland by the Holy Romans) was present at every hanging that took place right up to 1954, including the threat to do so to young girls for the crime of infanticide. So, when I hear these wretched bishops talking as if they actually opposed such legislation, it is ludicrous.

    And that’s only for starters. Since they have fed ‘the nation’ on sentimental ignorance about our past, they feel they can control us with their petty buttons. And in some respects they can: chalk statues for the poor and exagerated incomes for the professionals from the universities they run, own and govern…

    We may yet find that those who love liberty may have to turn to the only people who have the wherewithal to take on the RC Church– the Black Northern Protestants! No one else can possibly hope to achieve this in the face of the devious and skilled methods of the RCC in the Republic. Already they are at Kenny’s neck, Labour has its own problems at being a secular party and at supporting Kenny, the Greens are utter wankers — which leaves SF and FF, the parties most infiltrated with sentimental catholicism…

    When it happens, please, please, please don’t say you are surpirsed or that there was nothing you could do about it.I’m not mad about FG or Enda Kenny; but this wider battle beckons, and the bishops have reckoned that there isn’t sufficient secular unity in this country to carry the day on issues of human rights that concern us all.

    Have at the bastards…! Then we can fight for smaller things amongst each other. If we don’t , we are doomed to repetition for life…

  2. Eamonn

    I pray Sinn Fein steps into the light and fights to protect the unborn and woman. It will endure them to the people. They have not been fooled by British lies; let them not be fooled by this lie of abortion!

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