Amanda Knox in a wider perspective

Channel Four’s (British television channel) take on the latest twist in the Amanda Knox debacle – with a 1500 year perspective. Is that a Justinian reference – or should it be 2500 years?

“Italian job: a justice system under the spotlight.

“The Amanda Knox story has come back to fascinate and appal us, thanks in large part to the Italian legal system which is longwinded and complex.
In the latest stage of this tortured judicial journey, an Italian court has overturned the appeal which overturned the first sentence against Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. This means that Ms Knox and her ex-boyfriend could each spend another 25 years at least in jail.

“But there is bound to be another appeals stage and then Italy’s supreme court has its final say. In the case of Amanda Knox that will then lead to extradition hearings which may or may not result in the young American spending time behind Italian bars.

“As for Mr Sollecito, he was discovered near the border with Austria this morning, and because he poses a flight risk, the Italian Carabinieri have seized his passport. Apart from the obvious human drama, this story highlights the judicial culture clash between the country that gave us the foundations of modern law 1500 years ago and the country that thinks it has perfected the system in the 21st century.”

One thought on “Amanda Knox in a wider perspective

  1. mary elizabeth kirke

    This is shocking news. I watched an interview with the young woman last year on BBCWorld or CNN. Seems like a travesty of justice. Just because she didn’t react as they thought she should. and even in the face of a confession by someone else! Terifying to think what a justice system is capable of! Please God it will turn out well in the end but these young people are in a terrible place. Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2014 12:06:48 +0000 To:

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