High tide of religious intolerance beginning to turn?


Are the high tides and violent winds which have in recent times been battering the coastal defences of religious freedom beginning to abate? A sign of hope that religious tolerance might be making a comeback is contained in the latest post from the United Kingdom based media agency, Catholic Voices.

It tells us that the Glasgow-based Catholic adoption service, St Margaret’s, can keep its charitable status while continuing to operate a policy that prioritizes married heterosexual couples following a landmark decision by the Scottish Charity Appeals Panel. At the heart of the ruling is a recognition of the charity as a Catholic organization with the right to manifest its religious belief.

Austen Iverigh’s commentary gives the full story here.

One thought on “High tide of religious intolerance beginning to turn?

  1. I would so like to agree with your sentiment here, but think it far too early to feel positive about the re-emergence/sudden appearance of religious tolerance.
    I do believe that the charity’s lucky star was hanging over the Scottish Isles, perhaps if it were over the English Isle it would’ve been ordered to shut its doors.

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