A better way forward

This is a very revealing film about the phenomenon of same sex attraction, the irrational hatred it gives rise to, the rash judgements made on the issue and the false and true paths it can lead people to in their lives.

It is both moving and frightening and needs to be watched, absorbed and reflected by everyone – on whatever side of this battle in the culture wars they find themselves. It raises questions, it gives answers and anyone who watches it will reflect, should reflect again, on the answers they have felt are the right ones on the issue.


One thought on “A better way forward

  1. Roseann Cooper

    Hi Cousin Michael,
    I didn’t know how to send you a message (though come to think of it I probably do have your e-mail address). Anyway, I just noticed on TV that you have a namesake, Michael Kirk (no “e”) who is a documentary film maker. He has a 2hr. special tonight, May 13. on PBS Frontline at 9 pm EDT.The subject is our government’s spying program since 9/11. It’s billed as a primer on just what happened to get us where we are now. “The United States of Secrets” sounds interesting, though I have to record it as I’m occupied at that time. Are you able to obtain U.S. programming, Michael?
    Hope all is well with you,

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