Of gratitude and ingratitude


“When things get better, people forget God. When things get bad, they turn back to Him again. It’s repeated throughout history. … It’s the way the human heart is made.”

This was the observation of Pat Fagan in an interview with The Daily Signal, online journal of the U.S. think-tank, The Heritage Council. Dublin-born Fagan, senior fellow and director of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute at the Family Research Council, said it’s a “pattern of human nature” to forget and remember God depending on the circumstance.

Today, movie stars, singers, and athletes tend to make headlines for expressing gratitude to God.

The Daily Signal was doing a piece on the scarce gratitude shown to God by the winning stars in the initial award ceremonies – the Emmys and MTV Awards. I was pleasantly surprised that there were any!

Of 17 awards presented Sunday night during the VMAs, nine speeches — including Beyonce’s acceptance of the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award — were available for review online.

Only three — Beyonce; rapper Drake, who won for Best Hip Hop Video; and the group Fifth Harmony, who won for Artist to Watch — thanked God in their acceptance speeches. (Drake accepted his award during a concert Monday.)

Read the full Daily Signal piece here

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