Hollywood- a town ruled by fear?

I have read and now just watched Mark Cousins’ exhaustive Story of Film – all five DVD disks of it. It is very, very comprehensive. Hollywood is well and truly put in its place in this account of the history of cinema. It played its part – a leading part in some decades but now really a bit player in the history of this art.

The trouble is that it still wields power. This story, from National Review, gives us some sense of the weak and dishonest culture which allows it to continue to crush goodness, beauty and truth. The truth about abortion is one of its casualties. But maybe its conspiracy of silence is about to be broken at last.

“It is nearly impossible to find an adult person who does not have an opinion on the issue of abortion, and yet how little we all know about it — how it is done, what the laws are surrounding it, how it is regulated, legislated, and practiced. I wanted to share that knowledge.”

To do so he produced Gosnell.

Read his story here.

I wonder if his subversive production might not figure in the next edition of Cousins’ book, which is in its own way a history, not of an entertainment industry but a history of the subversion of culture, good, bad and indifferent.

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