Elroy off the leash

I like this – for its freshness. Why do more people who have interesting things to say, or might have, not take this line?


This is from the Daily Telegraph:

London, 7.15pm, a warm evening on the Southbank. James Ellroy, the man known as the Demon Dog of American crime fiction, writer of The Black Dahlia and LA Confidential, is having his photograph taken with an English bull terrier called Brian. Smartly dressed in a blazer, leaning his loose-limbed 6’4” frame down into the shot, the novelist is affable and smiling. One hour later, at a question-and-answer session in the plush surroundings of the Queen Elizabeth Hall, he’s off the leash.

A fan has dared to embark upon a speech that seems to be leading towards a question about the current president of the USA, and Ellroy is on him fast. “Don’t even start…” he menaces. “Stop right there.” There’s some nervous laughter. “This is not a Trump question,” the punter protests. “Shut up!” Ellroy snaps. “Back off! I don’t answer any questions pertaining to contemporary politics, or America today, under any circumstances.” He sits back, still snarling. “First f—ing question.”

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